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Is America the Mystery of Babylon of Revelation 18

Posted by Apostle Samuel Brown on January 15, 2013 at 5:10 PM

Flee Out of Her My People!

by Pastor Samuel Brown

I have long since believed that America and the West in general,are thespirit of the "Mystery of Babylon" of the Book of Revelation chapter 17 and 18. I am deeply convinced that we have just witnessed the fall of Babylon.


Why do I believe this? Well first, we must allegorically look at ancient Babylon and its parallels to the present "Mystery of Babylon". Revelation chapters 17-18 states Babylon willfall violently. There will be much anguish and confusion going on. But when you look at ancient Babylon, there wasn't much of a battle per se when they were taken over by "Persia". Babylon was ambushed unaware while merrymaking, then dominated politically and economically by the Persian Empire.


The deception with understanding and deciphering the "Mystery of Babylon" in our time, is that everyone will be waiting on this hugevisible catastrophic event to occur where millions of people die in the streetsand so forth, but the fact being that most don't know that Babylon had already fallen around us!


You see America has already been and being slain at this very moment. We and our families have been attacked, physically, morally and ethically. Our economy has been under besiege for over 50 yearsnow, and it is owned by the middle-east (spirit of Persia). Remember the scriptures stated that the servant is slave to the lender (Prov. 22:7). Americais in debt to the tune of 11 TRILLION+ dollars. I know it doesn't sound patriotic, but we are no longer sovereign, but owned and enslaved by foreigners.


Our economy is now owned, greatly by the middle-east. Remember Babylon is notthe only type and shadow of a repeat of biblical history but so is Persia (nowcalled Iran). America has been in a social, spiritual and economic declinesince the 1940's or so. Our gravitation away from biblical Christianity andmore toward humanism, illicit music, and liberal sexual lifestyles set thestage for the spirit of Babylon to capture this country many years ago. At thesame time our leaders were selling us out to foreigners, especially to Arabnations. And by the time we looked around 50 years later, seeming overnight weare owned by other nations. It happened subtly and swiftly as it did with ancient Babylon. But the scary thing now is most people here, including believers don't even know it happened... why?


When Nebuchadnessar took Israel captive to Babylon it wasn't like the slaveryin Egypt, but he allowed them to participate in the economy and the luxuries ofBabylon. However, he forbade the worship of the True and Living God of Israe lhaving burned down their temple and Jerusalem. And because of these physicalluxuries the people of God began to forget that that were the people of God, and forgot God Himself. America has done the same since the middle of the last century. We have been carted off to Babylon enjoying its indulgences and sins not knowing how far as a nation we've strayed from the Lord.


Note that Gods' people were captive in Babylon when Persia besieged the cityand took over. And even though it was a radical turn of events, Babylonsurrendered without much resistance, because the Persian leaders came withpolitical promises of reform and a lot of charisma and most of the citizenswelcomed the change (sound familiar?). Persia maintained Zoroastrianphilosophies, so they did not condone slavery and promoted freedom of religionwithin certain guidelines, even allowing the Jews to go back and rebuild thetemple at Jerusalem that Babylon had torn down.


Now this was the ancient ironically and current our dilemma. Despite the factthe Babylon had fallen, and they even had the opportunity to go back and buildtheir old ruins, because of the luxuries of the former Babylon now Persia, had afforded them, most of God's people did not return to get involved in therebuilding project. Only a remnant, about 10% of the exiled Jews went back withEzra and Nehemiah for ministry.


The events occurring over the last 12 years or so in America marked the fall of Babylon. The 911 Twin Towers Disaster, the past or current recession, bankrupting of major corporations ,foreclosures, fiscal cliffs, mass murders.... shall I go on? Yes, the corporations were bailed out, but leaving us past the debt ceiling and no solutions in sight. Meanwhile our debtors sit and watch and wait. Revelation 18:15 states clearly that leaders and business people will be weeping and wailing about what is happening in the economy, which will come to nothing in 1hour (quickly), just as we saw things transpire from 2007 until now. Businesspeople, the middle class and the rich in America are weeping and wailing righ tnow. Were you listening to the tone of the people after the past presidential election? BABYLON has ALREADY FALLEN (or at least in the process of falling) around us saints and friends. You may recall also that it took over a decade for Persia to take over Babylon. It was a slow calcualted process.

This new Babylon is not to fall during the tribulation period. The revised Roman Empire will rise and develop duringthe tribulation and there will be extreme physical and bodily persecutionduring this time. But the fall of the "Mystery of Babylon" happenswhile the church is still on earth, the deception is that it is mainly economicand spiritual and most believer won't know what happened and will be lulledinto a false state of security. That's why the voice from heaven cries,"Come out of her my people", that you be a partaker of her sins and plagues. Because if God's people do not come out of Babylon during her fall,the system that will take over will deceive them to stay at ease in the world'snew system.


Notice right after the recent economic downfalls, Bin Laden is taken out, communication and personal technologies have advanced beyond belief and America has a leaderwho's magnetic style has ignited an eery sense of optimism among the youth and liberals in America. But you know when everyone is saying peace and safety, the scripture predicts SUDDEN destruction (1 Thess. 5:3)


The majority of the people of God in ancient Persia did not feel the need to goback and help with the temple project. They had it too good. It's the same today, we (the church) are anesthetized by television, music, sports, the internet, you name it... at the sacrifice of the things of God. Those of us, the remnant who have a mind to do God's business are perceived as fanatical and non-relevant.


This view may be extreme to some of you, but I believe it is from the Lord andit lines up will the pattern of scripture. Just know that we should be preparing for His return. Let's rebuild the temple (our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit 1 Cor. 6:19). It is our calling in this hour to gather the remnant and rebuild the PEOPLE OF GOD, not a physical temple.


Our witness and message should be seasoned with, "Come out of her"...Flee Babylon the spirit of the world that has engulfed America and return tothe work of the Lord until Jesus comes.



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